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Luv Kush - The Amazing Twins released in USA

Luv Kush is the story of the amazing twins of Ram and Sita. It has now been reproduced in animation for today's new age kids. This animated movie, produced, directed and marketed by Shoreline Animations Studios is first ever collaboration of Silicon valley and India. It is also a fine blend of tradition and modernity. The animated movie targetting especially the kids depicts luv and kush's birth, adolescence, their love for the Vedas, skills in archery and the final confrontation with Ram. Though the story is not a literal translation of Valmiki or Tulisidas's Ramayan, overall it depicts the life of the twins as a whole. The much anticipated release of 'Luv Kush - The amazing twins' is on December 18th to audiences in North America. This will be accompanied by a theatrical release in the Northern California.

Luv Kush is an interesting part of Ramayan, commonly known as Uttar Ramayan. The story of the film Luv Kush starts from 'Bharat Milap'. That is when Lord Rama comes back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and is crowned as King Rama taking a vow to uphold the sacred dignity of his subjects, even at the cost of his personal misfortune. Misfortune falls in such a devastating manner that he is forced to send his pregnant Queen Sita to exile in the deep dense forest inside Sage Valmiki's Hermitage. In this exile Sita gives birth to twin sons Luv and Kush, noble brave warriors who along with usage of art of weaponry learn the great poem Ramayan from Sage Valmiki. However Rama is unaware of their birth. However, to solidify his position as the most powerful king in the world he performs an "Ashwamedha (Horse) yagna". (Ashwamedha yagna was an ancient tradition where powerful kings instead of engaging in direct conflict to take over territory would perform a yagna (prayer ceremony) of a horse and then release it. This horse was led through various kingdoms and if they did not challenge the horse the kingdom was ceded to the King performing the yagna.) Ram's horse is not challenged by any of the kings and the fame of Ram grows. However, while the horse is about to end its journey it wanders into Valmiki's ashram and the two amazing twins capture it, thus challenging the might of Ram. Though the movie does not follow the exact storyline, overall it tries to depict the life of the amazing twins.The animated feature is 60 minutes in length and is extremely fast paced to keep the kids interested.

The star cast of this movie includes legends such as : Om Puri: (The Hindi narrator) A nationally acclaimed actor, he has appeared in both mainstream Bollywood films as well as art films. His credits include appearances in British and American films. Shabana Azmi (Voice of Sita): She is a film actress as well as a social activist, and her performances in films of myriad genres have generally earned her praises and national awards for five times. Kabir Bedi (English Narrator): One of the most procclaimed artist on the Bollywood as well as international arena, he has earned himself lots of awards. Sabyasachi Chakraborty (Voice of Valmiki): He has played important roles with critical acclaim in major Bollywood movies movies including 'The Namesake.'

Produced, Directed and Marketed by Shoreline Animations Studios of California along with development work in Kolkata and Bombay, this animated movie is ready to hit the theatres in the coming holiday season. The movie includes four fantastic songs, out of which two songs are sung by Shaan including the title track 'Luv and Kush'. Luv Kush is a highly compelling story and the main characters are kids, so this seemed a very good way to connect with kids. Moreover, children of today grow upon a staple of animation and they connect with animation better than movies with adult actors. This movie is highly recommended to parents who want a healthy entertainment for their kids along with their dosage of knowledge about India's rich tradition and culture. We wish all the best to the Shoreline Animation team for their first venture in India.

The website, http://www.luvkushmovie.com has already been launched.


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